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about-asEven the most persistent and the most suspicious searchers for the paradise on earth would admit that the real Eden Garden is located in the village called Gornja Kravarica, on the property of the Radicevics family. The Radicevics family succedded in their (im)possible mission to combine the uncombinable – the old and the modern, and to bring the city lights into the picturesque village in Dragacevo, without ruining its idyl.

“Vajati” consists of the apartments with four stars, which means that a guest enjoys a full comfort here, enabled by the most modern achievements of our civilization, but also in the untouched natural beauties. It is the ambience which offers a shelter to each guest and gives him a chance to have a real relaxation and rest far away from the modern tempo of living. Guests can enjoy in the peace of nature here, or to completely enjoy in the charms of recreation: long hikins through the fairytale-like village ambiences are unforgettable experience. Guests can hunt and fish, pick fruits from the woods as well as herbs, participate in daily works of their hosts, or else to play mini football, handball or basketball on newly open terrains within the “Vajati” complex.

smestajni-kapacitet-3The complex covers the area of six hectars. There is a swimming-pool, but there is also a place for playing of children, which will allow the parents a carefree rest. Thoroughly clean lawns around the house, hunderds of plant pots with most diverse types of flowers, a fountain in the middle of the yard – it all makes “Vajati” a real oasis. Untouched, but quiet and tame nature around “Vajati” is equally beautiful during the all four seasons, and in winter it offers to the youngest, as well as to the older guests, the possibilities of skiing and sledging…

In its original meaning, “an outbuilding” is a wooden building in the yard of a village house, and it serves for staying overnight of young married couples, as well as for the keeping of the equipment for the marriage. One such outbuilding is located in the yard of “Vajati”, just next to the restaurant, and it is a true example of a house of a typical Serbian peasant from the 19th century.

The thing which each guest will remember is the hospitability of the hosts, as well as the taste of the traditional Serbian cuisine.


In “Vajati” there are three buildings for accommodation of guests. All the rooms are comfortable and modern.
In each room there is heating, air conditioning, TV (two satellites with 200 channels + 14 domestic channels), and soon the wireless Internet and phone will be available. Within the complex, there are also a restaurant, swimming-pool, sports terrains, children playground, and a spa center is being built.

house no. 1:
There are 4 double bed rooms, each with an extra auxiliary bed which can be unfolded from the lateral side of the main bed and which is as confortable as the standard bed.  Two rooms are single bed rooms, with a small queen bed.  Each room has its own bathroom.

smestajni-kapacitet-2house no. 2:
There are 5 double bed rooms. Four rooms have extra auxiliary beds which can be unfolded from the lateral side of the main bed (as in the first house).  It has 2 bathrooms, one on each floor.  This house is ideal for a family.

house no. 3:
There are 2 apartments – Alexandra and Valentina, with queen bed, mini kitchen, bathroom, TV with satellite channels, air conditioning.  We can bring in an extra bed of standard dimensions, if necessary.


In “Vajati”, special attention is paid to the food, and the cuisine is adapted to the wishes and tastes of the guests.

Besides the traditional Serbian cuisine, we offer a broad assortment of modern specialities.

kuhinjaAccording to the recepies of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, we prepare pies, soups, broths, fruit preserves, polenta, popara (a dish made of stale bread and cheese or kajmak), we bake bread and corn bread, we also prepare minced meat rolled in sauerkraut leaves (called: sarma), then the Serbian »wedding sauerkraut«, various cooked vegetables, cakes with nuts, traditional Serbian »vanilice« cakes, cream cakes and other sweets. However, domestic cheese and kajmak, beef and pork dried meat, roast lamb and pork, grilled meat, together with different salads – they all are difficult to resist.

We also offer various drinks, appetizers and digestives. A peasant from Dragacevo, healthy and old, drinks every morning a glass of domestic plum brandy, for which he says that it is healthy, so the domestic plum brandy is always recommended for toasts as well as for enjoyment.

If you want, you can ask the host of  “Vajati” to buy for you different things from the people in the village, so that you can take with you many souvenirs, such as: a jar of fruit preserves, domestic juice, ajvar (salad made of chopped peppers), kajmak, domestic plum brandy. Of course, some guests may like to prepare many of these specialties together with their hosts.kuhinja-2

The hosts are always ready to meet the demands of their guests, and to fulfil their wishes, so sometimes they all sing and dance until early in the morning, with the sounds of trumpets or accordions.

” Vajati ” is the place where you might not have been so far, but where you will always come back again gladly.

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