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How to reach us?


It does not matter from which area of Serbia you are coming to “Vajati” – the best orientation point is, for sure, the town called Cacak, because it is the biggest and the nearest town..

The Cacak area has a favourable geographical and transit position, because it is situated at the junction of the roads coming from western, south-western and central Serbia, and, moreover, a highway Belgrade-Cacak-Uzice-Zlatibor-Montenegro contributes largely to the importance of it, as well as the railway Pozega-Stalac. Since many other roads intersect this main highway, it means that you can reach Cacak easily from many directions.

If you are coming from the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, to Cacak, you take Ibarska highway via Ljig and Gornji Milanovac.

When driving along the highway passing nearby Cacak, there is a visible traffic sign which indicates where to take the turning to the left towards Guca. After turning to the left, you go via mountain Jelica (22 kilometres), and you reach Guca.


If you are coming from the direction of the seaside and Zlatibor, you can reach “Vajati” via Uzice and Pozega. When in Pozega, after you pass the tunnel, there is a turning to the right towards Lucani, that is, towards Guca. The turning towards Guca is indicated by traffic signs. The distance from the tunnel to Guca is 19 kilometres.

In the center of Guca there is a monument dedicated to the Man with a Trumpet, which is a good orientation point, from which the road passing by the police station leads you to Gornja Kravarica. The road is asphalt road, leading straight to “Vajati”.


You can arrive to “Vajati” by your own car, or, in agreement with the hosts, by mini-bus or a van owned by “Vajati”, which will take you comfortably from every destination to “Vajati” as well as to any desired destination in Serbia.


If you decide to travel by bus, you can take the bus from the main bus station in Belgrade to Cacak every hour (except at night), and in Cacak you should take another bus to Guca, and after that another one for Gornja Kravarica. Buses leave at different times in summer and in winter, according to the schedule.

For additional information, please call the following phone numbers:
BUS STATION IN BELGRADE: +381 11 2636 299
BUS STATION IN CACAK: +381 32 222 461.


If you are travelling by train from Pozega or from Belgrade,

please call the following phone numbers for additional information:
BUS STATION IN POZEGA: +381 31 713 046.


There is a possibilty of taxi transport from Cacak or Guca to “Vajati”.

You agree about the price of transport with taxi drivers on the spot.



Foreign tourists or guests from the diaspora can arrive to ” Vajati ” from the Belgrade Airport “Nikola Tesla” according to the agreement, either by the transport organized by ” Vajati ” (by car or mini-bus, depending on the number of visitors), or by the bus which departs from the main bus station in Belgrade, according to the above described route.

From the airport, you can reach the main bus station in Belgrade by taxi (which is more expensive), or by bus (offered by Yugoslav Air Transport – JAT – which is cheaper), and which will take you to Slavija, a quarter of the city of Belgrade, which is about a kilometer away from the main bus station.

Due to the high price of taxi drives, we do not recommend taking a taxi from Belgrade airport or from Belgrade to “Vajati “!

For further information about the flights (flights schedules, ticket bookings, and the like), please call the following phone numbers:

BELGRADE AIRPORT: +381 11 2094 444

Address: Bulevar umetnosti 16, Novi Beograd
Phone: +381 11 3112 123

Address: Knez Mihailova 30, Belgrade
Phone: +381 11 328 6064.


From any location in Serbia, you can reach “Vajat” by the helicopter provided by Ministry of internal affairs (MUP) of Serbia, which is certainly a special experience for every tourist. Hosts of “Vajat” are devoted to make every guest happy. Especially for you they will organize this adventure. Renting a helicopter is between 580 and 1800 euros per hour depending on the type, and special wishes or needs of passengers – if they are special maneuvers demanded or for cargo transport, services are higher for 50 percent from the original price.
For renting a helicopters BELL 206B and the SA-341G services will be charged 54,000 dinars 580 euros for the hour drive, and helicopter rental for one hour BEL 206L is 640 euros, while the AB-212 and SA-345N needs to be paid 1280 euros.
For one hour drive in the most expensive type of helicopter MI-17 price is 1800 euros.

Flight from Belgrade to runway in Guča takes about 45 minutes, but the in charge is calculated destination – Beograd – Guča – Belgrade (takes 90 minutes). Prices are subject to change.

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